Ilir Meta

Udgiver: Kultursociolog Bjørn Andersen


VicePM i Majko-Regeringen (1998). Skubbede Majko til side og blev PM. »Prime Minister Mr. Meta aged 31 is one of the main figures of the Socialist Party who will run for the second time in continuation the government of Albania. He was born in 1969 in Skrapar and graduated in Tirana University, Economic Faculty, branch of Political Economy. He got involved in political life at start of 90-ies where he became part of the Students Movement leadership which brought about the toppling of the 50-year communist regime. From the year '92, he has been member of the Steering Council of the Socialist Party while from 1995-2001 chairman of the Youth Euro-socialist Forum of Albania. Member of the Socialist Youth International, Ilir Meta has held the office of the SP deputy head during the period '93-'96. Meta was elected deputy for the first time in year '92 and has also won in the regular elections respectively in years '96, '97 and 2001. During the period '96-'97 he was deputy/chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Relations . He was appointed for the first time in the position of Prime Minister on October 29, 1999. Mr. Meta has also held the office of Secretary of State for Integration in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has a good command of English and Italian. Mr. Meta is married and father of two children«.

Fik ikke Regeringsembede ved dannelsen af Majko-Regeringen Februar 2002. Var udset af Majko til at blive Indenrigsminister, men dette udløste (tilsyneladende) så stærke protester fra Fatos Nano, at Meta opgav ævred.

VicePM og UM i Nano-Regeringen 0207 efter at have indgået en aftale med Nano. ATA skriver: »Ilir Meta - Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Mr. Meta, one of the main figures of the Socialist Party, was born in Skrapar in 1969. He has graduated the Faculty of Economy, Political Economy branch, in the Tirana University. He was involved in the political life at the beginning of the 1990s as a member of the leadership of the Student Movement, which brought about the toppling of the 50-year communist regime. Since 1992 he has been a member of the Socialist Party Leading Council, while from 1995-2001, Mr Meta was chairman of the Euro-Socialist Youth Forum of Albania, FRESSH. While being a member of the Socialist Youth International, Ilir Meta also held the post of the SP vice chairman during 1993-1996. Meta was elected a deputy for the first time in 1992 and has won also in the following elections, respectively in 1996, 1997 and 2001. In the period 1996-1997, Meta was deputy chairman of the Foreign Policy Parliamentary Commission. Mr Meta was elected for the first time to the post of the Prime Minister on October 29, 1999, while previously he was deputy premier in the Majko 1 government. Mr Meta has also had the post of the State Secretary for Integration in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. In 1999, after the resignation of the Majko-led government, Meta was elected Prime Minister of Albania. He held this post also after June 24, 2001 elections, when the SP General Leading Committee appointed him again to the post of the Prime Minister. Meta resigned from this post only a few months ago, in March this year. Meta knows English and Italian. He is married and a father of two«.

TIRANE, Dec. 12, 2002 (ATA)- The political prize "Predisposition towards freedom" was accorded Thursday to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilir Meta by the steering board of the prestigious magazine "Balkans" in Bucharest. At a ceremony organised on this occasion, Foreign Affairs Minister Meta was accorded this prize for "the contribution in country's political stability as well as for his contemporary ideas and concepts on country's stability", ATA's special envoy to Bucharest reported. Also, at this ceremony were accorded other prizes to personalities who have contributed in other fields. These prizes were accorded under the auspices of the publishers of "Balkans" magazine. "Balkans" magazine is one of the most popular magazines in the region and wider. Its has a strong tradition and plays an important role in the Balkans developments. The political prize of this year was accorded to Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ilir Meta, while the political prize of a year ago was accorded to President of Macedonia Boris Traikovski. The prize of 2000 was accorded to President of Rumania Ion Iliescu. The ceremony of according the prize "Predisposition towards freedom" to Minister Meta was held on his way back from the official one-day visit in Moscow. He has stopped for several hours in Bucharest to hold several working meetings.

Trak sig tilbage som VicePM og UM juli 2003 i protest mod PM Nano's Regeringsledelse og trak sig også ud af Socialistpartiets ledelse.

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